Identity Theft – How To Protect Yourself

Identity theft is the act of assuming or using someone’s personal information to commit fraud, usually for the purpose of theft. This information can often be gained from a bank account number, credit card receipt, driver’s license, medical records or social security number.

Not to mention the fact that more and more people are sharing very personal details on the popular social media sites.

But even if you are extremely careful and diligent, you may still be at risk due to the large number of databases maintained by the healthcare industry, financial institutions, retailers and of course, the Government.

You may recall that Target’s point-of-sale system was recently breached, an attack that exposed an estimated 70 million shoppers to potential identity theft.  Thieves made off with customer names, card numbers, as well as expiration dates and the three digit security code.


Over 90% of US adults surveyed fear their identities could be stolen.

More than 30 million Americans fell victim to identity fraud in 2006

Identity theft financial losses total upwards of $50 billion per year.

Children are 50 times more likely than adults to have their identity stolen.

In fact, identity theft is the fastest growing type of crime and you, or someone you know, may have experienced some sort of identity theft.ID Stolen

This heinous crime can take many forms, going way beyond unauthorized online purchases. Identity thieves often go so far as to rent an apartment, obtain a credit card, even establish a telephone or mobile account in your name.

And the worst part is, that you may not discover it until alerted by your bank, or notice something suspicious on a charge card statement or when pulling a credit report.

For some, the first sign that anything is wrong is when debt collectors begin to contact you.

Some consumers victimized by identity theft may be denied student or auto loans, housing or even turned down for job opportunities because of negative information that has landed on their credit reports.  So what is the best way to keep someone from stealing your precious identity?   The answer is… with an Identity Theft Plan from LegalShield

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Comprehensive ID Restoration Service

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Restoring your good name can be an arduous task if going it alone. That’s why we partner with the best of the best, Kroll Advisory Solutions.

Unlike many of the ID Theft companies you see on TV and the internet, Kroll enacts full restoration on your behalf. This entails a professional investigation, interacting with all your financial institutions, as well as following up with the three major credit bureaus – to ensure your pre-theft status.

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