Looking For Healthcare Coverage

You Can Actually Afford?

The Current State Of Healthcare

For most Americans, the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) has led to healthcare becoming anything BUT affordable, as premiums for major medical have risen dramatically. Many families are now being forced to choose between keeping a roof over their head and having health insurance. Unfortunately, this is today's reality. We have a solution! Let Us Help!

Skyrocketing Rates

Reduced Benefits

Increasing Deductibles

Greater Out-of-Pocket Costs

Tax Penalty For Lack Of Coverage

Limited Choices Of Doctors & Hospitals

Businesses Dropping Employee Health Plans

Insurance Carriers Leaving The Marketplace

The Healthy Pay To Subsidize The Sick

Political Uncertainty Over Obamacare Status

A Better Plan

Take heart, help is on the way. Introducing . . . Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company (PALIC)

We offer better rates, comprehensive benefits and the freedom to choose any doctor. 

Save between 30% - 60% on your monthly premiums, compared to typical Blue Cross / Blue Shield policies.

Our plans are fully ACA compliant, so Individuals and businesses can avoid the tax penalty.

Get access to nearly 6,100 hospitals, 140,000 ancillary facilities, and over 926,000 healthcare professionals 1.5 million service locations

Unlike Obamacare, you can enroll in an PALIC health plans at any time during the year. No waiting period.

With these plans, you're free to choose any doctor, hospital or specialist that you want. In network or out.  

With premiums and deductibles higher than ever, our plans help minimize your financial exposure. 

In-patient hospital, out-patient surgical, skilled nursing, doctor visits, x-ray labs, prescriptions, and much more.

Major illnesses, such as cancer, stroke or heart attack can be financially devastating. We design our plans to include a critical illness policy that works to help cover other costs associated with a critical illness.

Accidents can happen at home, work, play or even when traveling. But you're covered with our plans because we include an accident plan to help cover them.

Through New Era Telehealth, US physicians are available 24/7 to help you resolve many non-emergency medical issues.

Drug prices are rising rapidly, we offer significant cost savings on name brands and generics.

Dental/Vision/Hearing plans are priced so that the entire family can afford to be covered.

Suite Of Benefits

We stack benefits to reduce your out-of-pocket exposure while still saving you money from traditions major medical plans


When it comes to low rates, flexible coverage and the benefits you need, PALIC is the smart choice.

Plan: Blue Cross / Blue Shield Silver Plan

Family Of Four: Male 51 / Female 51 / Children 15 & 17

Monthly Premium:  $2181.63 Cheapest plan BCBS has!

Plan: PALIC Optimum Health Saver (Bundled Plan)

Family Of Four: Male 51 / Female 51 / Children 15 & 17

Monthly Premium:  $1265.14  (Almost $916.49/MO Savings!)

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