Other Services


In addition to our core business services, we also offer innovative products and strategies to help you:

Protect your home and family.

Guard against identity theft and legal issues.

Eliminate all debt (mortgage included) in less than 10 years.

Pay for college without going broke.

Reduce your personal taxes far more effectively than a 401K.

Build long term wealth for a secure, comfortable retirement.


Below are services we offer to protect your home. health, wealth and family.

Your Family Bank®

Many Americans today find themselves in a financial mess they did not plan for. Between the mortgage, car payments, student loans, medical bills and credit card charges, the average family is on track to be burdened by debt for the next 20 - 30 years.

Perhaps even longer. 

But the good news is that you don't have to stay in this situation. There IS a way out.

I can help you to take control of your financial future right now... to get all of your debt paid off in less than ten years and have a solid retirement plan, complete with Tax-Free Income and... read more

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is a serious crime that negatively impacts millions of Americans each year. This rapidly growing type of fraud can wreak financial havoc, destroy a solid credit history, and tarnish your hard-earned reputation.

The costs imposed on the victims of identity theft are great and it can take significant time, money, and patience to resolve.

So how do you protect yourself from being violated by those committing ID theft? Or if you have already been victimized, how do you take back your life?

The best way is... read more


For more than 40 years, LegalShield℠ has offered individuals and small businesses access to high-quality legal counsel, for as little as $20.00 a month.

LegalShield gives you the power to talk to an attorney about any personal legal issue, such as real estate transactions, traffic tickets, warranty disputes and lawsuits, to name just a few.

With our affordable plans, you will be protected and empowered to worry less and live more.

Whether it's big, small or somewhere in between, your provider law firm will be there to offer timely advice and valuable assistance on... read more

Physicians On Demand

All over the USA, tens of millions of American lack even the most basic of healthcare.  Businesses are cutting back on the amounts they contribute to health insurance and in many cases fully burdening the cost upon the shoulders of their employees.

With a tentative job market, a down economy and skyrocketing healthcare costs, many people now find themselves either under-insured or completely uninsured.  Which means that YOU are only a single illness or accident away from potentially being totally wiped out.

So what’s the answer?  Is it the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Maybe, but now there's a much better, more cost effective option available... read more